Our Promise

100% Project success

What do we mean by "success"?

1) The project was delivered to the customer or made available to them

2) Invoice was paid by customer

3) No unresolved complaint from the customer

If criterias (2) and (3) are met for 12 month after delivery (1), then we will mark the project as "success" - otherwise as "failed". Only exception for point (2) would be bankruptcy of customer.

96.4% On Time Delivery

When is a delivery on-time?

We count a delivery on-time when

1) The desired end-result is available to the user,

2) is working according to the specifications and

3) was delivered on the exakt day we promised or sooner; but not a single day later.

12 Minutes response time

We only count MEANINGFUL responses. What is that?

When a user has a problem and contacts us, it takes us on average 12 minutes to respond with something meaningful.

Examples of meaningful responses are:

  • The information you requested is "..."
    >> Problem solved immediatelly by providing requested information

  • We understood your problem and are looking at the logs right now. Give us 10 minutes.
    >> Confirms that this is something that we can take care of and what our next steps are. In addition it provides an estimation on when we might have a solution or more information.

  • Employee "..." is the expert regarding your problem, he is in a meeting right now, but he will get back to you in 20 minutes.
    >> Refers to a specific employee and when he/she/* will be avialable.

Example responses that are NOT meaningful:

  • Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    >> provides no information at all and seems like a completely automated response
  • I am working on it
    >> indicates that someone is taking care of the problem, but neither specifies what is beeing done, nor gives any information on when work will be finished.

How is the response time calculated exactly?

Tickets resulting from a user request regarding a technical problem or information are included in the average response time. If the request is non-technical (e.g. question about an invoice) it does not count towards the average response time. Tickets not related to any order or service that has already been ordered by the customer, will not be counted as well (e.g. request for a new product or feature).

The user request can be received via Email, MS Teams Chat / Call or Phone. All other requests (for example in person when we are visiting the customer or requests via social media) are excluded.

Request received before 7:30am / after 5pm will be treated as if received at 7:30am / 07:30am the next day. We often answer before 7:30am or after 5pm, but since we do not offer 24/7 support, we do not count these requests against our average response time.